CANS- Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths

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CANS is a multi-purpose, person-centered, and trauma informed tool. The CANS is mandatory throughout CYFD-Protective Services and must be administered according to the current protocol. The CANS is not only required but also a useful tool to better gauge children coming into custody and ensure that their plans are individualized and addresses both the needs and the strengths of the child and their family.
Needs: areas where a child requires help or intervention. Needs are ranked by intensity; these rankings are then used to identify intervention priorities.
Strengths: the child’s assets, abilities, interests, and areas of success. Through CANS, these strengths are used to develop interventions.

Certification is required prior to administering the CANS. The copyright for the CANS is held by the Praed Foundation, through their Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management TCOM (“tee-com”) system to oversee the CANS certification process. Training by an approved/certified trainer is required prior to taking the online CANS certification exam.

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A coupon code is necessary to bypass the payment requirement on the TCOM site.  To receive a coupon code for certification you must attend a CANS training, organized by a CYFD Certified CANS Trainer.

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