FPSW Continuing Education

Below is a list of some accepted training, agencies and conferences.  This list is not inclusive of all activities CFPSWs may participate in to obtain CEUs.  Topic areas listed are also a sample of topics that may meet CEU requirements. 

Current/Upcoming Training Announcements:

The National Hispanic and Latino Prevention Technology Transfer Center, and the National American Indian and Alaskan Native Prevention Technology Transfer Center are happy to invite you to a series of Virtual Learning Sessions: CULTURE IS PREVENTION. Last session will be on August 5, 2020 from 1:00pm – 2:30 pm (CST time) / 2:00 pm – 3:30 P.M (EST time).  Cost: FREE

Click here to register for the Virtual Learning Sessions



Accepted National and State of New Mexico CEU Trainings, Agencies and Conferences

FREDLA (Family-Run Executive Directors Leadership Association)

Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health

Pacer Center Conferences and Trainings

Native American Disability Law Center Conference

Parents Reaching Out Conference

EPICS Conference

Families ASAP Trainings and Conferences

Wright’s Law Conference

COPAA Conference

Head to Toe Conference

Children’s Law Institute Conference

Southwest Disabilities Conference

Disability Rights Trainings and Conferences

PSRANM (For Peer and Family Ethics, Cultural Competency and any related topics listed below)

Accepted Topic Areas

Children’s Mental Health or Behavioral Health Related Trainings

Wraparound related trainings

Systems of Care Trainings or Children’s Mental Health Systems Trainings and Conferences

Children’s Education related trainings:  Special Education, IEPs, 504’s, Behavior trainings, etc.

Prevention Trainings

Family Engagement and Family Leadership Trainings

Suicide Prevention

Mental Health First Aid

Youth Transition Trainings

Parenting Classes

Motivational Interviewing or other Mental Health Practice Trainings

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)

Child Protective Service, Juvenile Justice, Early Childhood, Infant Mental Health Trainings

*Note*Ethics for Prevention may align more closely with Peer ethics than Ethics for Clinicians