Coaching Endorsement –Coach in Training(CiT) Track

Ongoing and regular coaching of Wraparound Facilitators is required to meet and maintain the standards of High Fidelity Wraparound in New Mexico.  All providers/agencies wishing to provide the NM Wraparound CARES model in their community must employ an endorsed coach to supervise facilitators in their agency.

NM Wraparound CARES has developed an endorsement process for coaches sanctioned by CYFD-BHS. The Coach in Training(CIT) Track  seeks to ensure that individuals only receive an endorsement if they can demonstrate the necessary comprehension and skills demanded of the position.

Coach-in-Training Overview

Application to become a Coach-in-Training

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Checklist for Coaching Endorsement

Endorsement Forms, Guides, Tools

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Once a coaching endorsement is awarded by CYFD-BHS, the coach is responsible to maintain the endorsement by:

  • Coaching at least one Wraparound individual for the majority of time the endorsement is valid; or
  • Participating in the learning community or in the advancement and promotion of the NM Wraparound CARES model in New Mexico; or
  • Remain in good standing by fulfilling all expectations and fidelity standards of the NM Wraparound CARES model and as articulated in its ethical standards.