Foundations of Wraparound Practice Training

Foundations of Wraparound is a five day virtual training that must be completed within three months of being hired for the position. This training is an in-depth teaching of the Wraparound process that prepares Facilitators in Training to start implementing Wraparound with youth and families.  It describes the value based philosophy that differentiates Wraparound from other practices and then details the Wraparound process according to its practice core elements and their implementation towards practice.

Until this training is successfully completed, a new facilitator’s role in Wraparound is limited as follows:

  • New facilitators cannot facilitate a Wraparound team meeting.
  • New facilitators cannot engage youth or families alone. New facilitators must be accompanied by a Wraparound endorsed Coach or a certified Wraparound Facilitator. This limitation will be lifted after 30 days from hire if a provider can offer introductory training to new facilitators on the NM Wraparound CARES values and core elements.

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