Quality Service Review

What is a Quality Service Review?

QSR is a case-based review of practice, results, and working conditions used to both evaluate and stimulate practice development through the Action Learning process.  QSR looks at individual consumers who are currently receiving agency services and identifies both strengths and areas for improvement in the agency’s practice.

Available QSR Trainings

QSR Overview Video (25 minutes) 

How is a QSR conducted?

  1. Cases are selected for review at least three to four weeks in advance of review date.  Cases are selected within a specific agency such as YSS.  A “case” is a child/youth currently receiving planned services at the time of the review.
  2. The reviewer utilizes interviews with various persons and providers who are currently working with, and providing services to, the consumer and his/her family.  QSR interviews can include: the child/youth; his/her caregiver; the caseworker; and any formal service providers such as mental health professional or educational professional.
  3. A QSR profile is completed by reviewers after interviews are completed.  This profile provides information on status indicators of the child/youth and their family.  The profile also provides performance indicators on the services utilized by the child/youth and their family.