CYFD-BHS Youth Partner Registration

 The NMSU Center of Innovation and CYFD-Behavioral Health Services value the unique perspective and experience of our Youth Partners who help make behavioral health programs relevant and effective for those they serve. Thank you for lending your time and support to the advancement of behavioral health services in New Mexico.
Please read the following instructions, complete the fill-able W-9 form, and answer the questions at the bottom of this page to register as an NMSU COI/ CYFD-BHS Youth Partner.
To complete the W-9 Form:

Note: If you have recently submitted a W-9 with your current mailing address, you do not have to submit one again. If you are unsure,  submit a new form to be sure your information is accurate.

  1. Click here to access the W-9 from. Download the W-9 form to your phone or computer.

2. Open the W-9 from with Adobe Acrobat.

3. Complete ONLY the information highlighted in yellow:

    • 1 – First and Last Name
    • 3 – Check the first box – Individual/sole proprietor
    • 5 – Current mailing address where you want to receive your stipend/allowance check.
    • 6 – City, State and Zip code
    • Part I – Enter Social Security Number
    • Part II –  Very Important – Signature and Date

For instructions on how to sign a PDF on your computer click here.  Then click on “Steps to sign a PDF”.

For instructions on how to sign a PDF on your phone click here

4. Save the W-9 with your name and the date in the title.
Example:  W9.RSmith.5.21.20.pdf.

5. Upload the W-9 in the form below.